Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riedlinger Suspended

GREENSBORO) The Steamers Hockey Club today announced that veteran Bob Riedlinger has been suspended 1 game (without pay) for "conduct detrimental to the team". His anti-American comments following Team USA's captivating run to Olympic Silver were cited as the main reason for his suspension. "As an American-based franchise, we will not tolerate such an arrogant display of anti-patriotism", said GM Dan Auston. "It's a slap in the face to our players, corporate sponsors, and most importantly the Steamer fans whom are primarily American (although are growing in number worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia due to the popularity of Chris Manzo)".

Further, it has been learned that Riedlinger (a Canadian) in an interview about the recent struggling play of the team, called out his Steamer teammates as "4th and 5th tier athletes". This is not the first incident involving Riedlinger. As a member of Team Pucktown (a now defunct B-League franchise), teammates described him as a "lockerroom cancer".

Per the suspension, Riedlinger will miss Wednesday's game versus the Blizzard. "We hope that he learns from this situation and comes back a better man", stated Auston.

Note: In Riedlinger's absence, The Steamers have signed TheFourthPeriod.com babe of the week (file photo below) to fill his vacant roster spot.

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  1. Can we keep her? I don't much care if she can skate. As long as she takes her turn in the beer rotation!!!