Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If Dan Ran the NHL

I was reading Ray Ferraro's column on TSN.ca regarding (among other things), the current standings format and it got me thinking about changes I would make to the format as well as the NHL as a whole.

On the subject of the standings: I would be in favor of 3 points for a regulation or OT victory. It's a team game so let's reward "team victories". Under the current format, teams receive 1 point for an OT or Shootout Loss....I say give 'em nothing! In basketball you don't get anything for losing in OT. In baseball, they don't give you bonus points for losing in extra innings. Winning should be all that matters in professional sports.

That said, I do like the shootout as an alternative to the sister-kissing that is a regular season tie, but think that 1 bonus point for a shootout victory would suffice nicely. The Phoenix Coyotes are a prime example of how "full points" for a shootout victory can schew the standings. With 12 shootout victories, the Coyotes have picked up an additional 12 pts (in the current format) for what amounts to an individual breakaway competition. One could argue that they could wheel out the targets or a radar gun if they wanted to award points for individual skills.

As of today Phoenix and Chicago are tied a top the Western Conference with 97 pts respectively. If we were to break it down into my format it would look like this:

Regulation and OT wins: 37 (x 3 = 111)
Shootout Wins: 8
Losses: 26 (19 Reg. + 9 SO/OT)
Total Pts = 119

Regulation and OT wins: 34 (x 3 = 102)
Shootout wins: 12
Losses: 27 ( 22 Reg + 5 SO/OT)
Total Pts = 114

Granted 5 pts is not a lot of separation for two quality teams, but keep in mind the Hawks have played 2 fewer games. I like this format because a) it rewards TEAM victories and b) it would be interesting to see how strategies would change at the end of regulation and in OT knowing that there were no consolation prizes. It would be the "Top Gun" equivalent of "no points for second best".

Next Up: Re-alignment. Stay tuned

Sunday, March 14, 2010


With their stellar play, the Steamers have clinched the #7 seed (out of 8 teams) heading into the Pool Portion of the 2010 Manley Cup Play-offs.


Wednesday 3/24 - 10:30 PM vs #5 (TBD)
Wednesday 3/31 - 10:30 PM vs #3 (TBD)
Wednesday 4/7 - 9 PM vs # 1 (Black Knights)

Steamers Hire Head Coach

GREENSBORO) In the midst of a dissappointing season and looking to shake things up, the Steamers have hired former Cleveland Indians and Tire World Manager, Lou Brown to be their new Head Coach. In the press conference announcing the hire, Brown was quoted saying,

"I'm not much for giving inspirational addresses, but I'd just like to point out that every newspaper in the country has picked us to finish last. The local press seems to think that we'd save everyone the time and trouble if we just went out and shot ourselves. Me, I'm for wasting sportswriters' time. So I figured we ought to hang around for a while and see if we can give 'em all a nice big shitburger to eat! "

Brown will be behind the bench this week when the Steamers face-off with the Black Knights - Thursday at 9.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only One Way to Go

Greensboro) Four scores and 10 goals against, our team brought forth to the IceHouse, a new level of ineptitude, conceived in futility, and dedicated to the proposition that all of us are equally lousy....
On the bright side, at least Nate scored.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riedlinger Suspended

GREENSBORO) The Steamers Hockey Club today announced that veteran Bob Riedlinger has been suspended 1 game (without pay) for "conduct detrimental to the team". His anti-American comments following Team USA's captivating run to Olympic Silver were cited as the main reason for his suspension. "As an American-based franchise, we will not tolerate such an arrogant display of anti-patriotism", said GM Dan Auston. "It's a slap in the face to our players, corporate sponsors, and most importantly the Steamer fans whom are primarily American (although are growing in number worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia due to the popularity of Chris Manzo)".

Further, it has been learned that Riedlinger (a Canadian) in an interview about the recent struggling play of the team, called out his Steamer teammates as "4th and 5th tier athletes". This is not the first incident involving Riedlinger. As a member of Team Pucktown (a now defunct B-League franchise), teammates described him as a "lockerroom cancer".

Per the suspension, Riedlinger will miss Wednesday's game versus the Blizzard. "We hope that he learns from this situation and comes back a better man", stated Auston.

Note: In Riedlinger's absence, The Steamers have signed TheFourthPeriod.com babe of the week (file photo below) to fill his vacant roster spot.